April 2015
The Sweet Life

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The Power Grandparent

What is one bit of advice you would give to fellow moms?  Meals at home around the dinner table are some of the fondest memories that children and parents can make. Its a time of refection on the day and to connect with your family. However, I realize not all parents can do this. Motherhood is a true juggling act!

September 2013
Cake Shop Bakery films a commercial


Fox 49-WTXL films a commercial at The Cake Shop Bakery showcasing the store’s newest endeavor, Birthday Parties! “Be the talk of the playground! Have your next birthday party at The Cake Shop’s Cooking Corner and leave the mess to us!”


August 26, 2012
Former Ballerina Still Dances Every Day

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A few artful questions from COCA for Linda Richards, owner of The Cake Shop.

Q. Can you play a musical instrument?
A. I can play the clarinet, bass clarinet and piano. My mother was a music teacher, and when we were children she instilled in us that we all had to choose an instrument to play.

Q. Do you own any original art?
A. I own original art work by Nancy Ponn and Danny Pietrodangelo, and also some original paintings from traveling.

Q. What was the first concert you ever attended?
A. The first concert I attended as a very young girl was the Christmas performance of Handel’s “Messiah,” which I actually would attend every holiday season (as well as “The Nutcracker” performed by the Cleveland Ballet).

Q. What book is on your nightstand right now?
A. There are many books on my dresser beside my bed, as I read all the time. Deepak Chopra, Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson, and John Grisham are some of the authors that are stacked there.

Q. When was the last time you danced?
A. The last time I danced was this morning. As a former ballerina, I am quite accustomed to dancing every day for the beauty, exercise and pleasure it brings to my spirit.

Q. What was the last live performance you saw?
A. The last live performance I saw was my daughter Jessica with the Tallahassee Ballet.

Q. What movie has most affected you?
A. The movie that had a lasting effect was Alex Haley’s “Roots” that my parents had all of us children watch together. As a child, it was hard to comprehend such hardships that were inflicted upon a human race.

Q. What was the last thing you made by hand?
A. The last thing I made by hand was a curtain I sewed for the bathroom. My mother taught
all of the girls how to sew at a young age, and it has remained a hobby for me.

Q. What artistic talent do you wish you had?
A. I wish I could play the piano like my mother played. She was an amazing pianist. She played classical music every night as we drifted off to sleep. Those memories are the most precious.

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July 2012
Mother & Daughter Business

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The Team

The Cake Shop’s popular pastry chef, Linda Richards, has been making cakes, cupcakes, and other tasty treats that have brought customers sheer taste bud bliss for almost 20 years. Her daughter, Megan Pietrodeangelo, joined the business three years ago in a managerial and marketing capacity. Together, they have found a recipe for business success, creating strong bonds within the community, and are carrying on the tradition to a future generation.

The History

Since her father was in the restaurant and catering industry, Linda learned to cook and bake at a young age and to become creatively resourceful. “We were a large family and didn’t have much monetarily, so we used everything and nothing was ever wasted,” says Linda. Her ingenuity and hard-work ethic was built during the years of helping her parents make ends meet and even sewing her own clothing. “I knew if I wanted something, I had to work hard to get it.”

In the years before owning her own bakery, Linda was a married mother of two daughters. Megan and Jessica, and worked as the head pastry chef for Epicurean/Trio Restaurant. She also was a pastry chef for The Cake Shop. She later became a single mother after her divorce but wasn’t deterred by the idea of owning her own bakery when The Cake Shop became available for purchase. She sat her girls down and was frank with them. “I told them that if we do this, our lives would never be the same again.” The girls grew up helping their mother at the bakery and watched her take a business that made only one product, into making a variety of baked goods with old and new original recipes.

Because of Megan’s history with the bakery and her work as a nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Linda feels that Megan’s love of customers and her nursing skills come through at the shop. “She has grace, yet gets the job done quickly. Where I am weak, she is strong.” They relied on Megan’s strength and managerial skills during the transition to their new location on Capital Circle three years ago. Megan says, “Our biggest concern was whether or not our customers would follow us to the new site. We also were going to be working in a smaller space. The support of the community and our customers really came through.” They’ve been able to expand the storefront and the kitchen and have also added a “cooking corner,” which will serve as a bakery classroom and a space where customer can have parties or meetings.

What Drives Them

Creating culinary delights like The Cake Shop does takes a special gift, but it’s even sweeter when mixed with a love of family and community. Megan and those who work with Linda can’t say enough about her generous heart. The loyalty of old and new customers seems to stem from her passion for her craft but also for people and using her gift to serve others. On any given day, The Cake Shop donates large portions of their baked goods to charitable causes. “My mom is the hardest-working woman I know. She is dedicated, loving, resilient and compassionate and she loves the store, her customers and her community.” The Cake Shop seems to evoke memories from everyone’s childhood — the smells, the tastes, and the love all come from their tasty treats. With the addition of Linda’s granddaughter, Taylor, to The Cake Shop family, Megan says “I want her to have the childhood that I had,” which couldn’t make Linda happier. There is no doubt that at this bakery, love is the best ingredient of all.

March 28, 2011
Engagement Cupcakes


WCTV Sports Anchor Elton Gumbel stepped away from the sports desk long enough to plan a belated birthday celebration for his girlfriend.

But rather than filling the box with a birthday cake, he surprised her with 20 assorted cupcakes–each decorated with a single letter. The 20 cupcakes read:


February 02, 2011
Meet Linda Richards: Tallahassee’s Cupcake Queen

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Not everyone has the time to give back, but those who do deserve to be honored for their good deed.

That includes Linda Richards who’s generosity knows no bounds. And her cupcakes have put smiles on peoples faces for years.

Linda Richards knows her way around the kitchen. For the past 18 years, she’s been the owner of the Cake Shop in Tallahassee. A one stop shop for anyone with a sweet tooth.

“I’ve been baking all my life with my dad in the restaurant business. I grew up in it,” said Linda Richards, owner of the Cake Shop in Tallahassee.

Her cupcakes are heavenly, but so is her generosity. On any given day, Richards receives between 15-20 requests for free cupcakes.

“You can’t do everything, you want to do your part.”

And no one can ever say Linda Richards doesn’t give back. Just some of the beneficiaries of her baked goods are the Ronald McDonald House, American Cancer Society, Heart Association, and so many more.

Judy Meggs and Grace Lawhorn walk the lonely halls of the oncology unit at TMH. But they aren’t alone. Underneath the cloth are Linda’s goodies. Every Monday, for the past six years, the Cake Shop has donated sweets to cancer patients.

“Linda doesn’t get to see the joy that she brings, so that makes a very special person that’s able to donate and not be there to see the good deed she’s doing.”

For most of the patients the tea cart is the highlight of their day. A chance to break up the monotony of chemo and radiation, a chance to indulge in a little chocolate, sip a cup of coffee, and enjoy the good life, if only for a little while.

“It helps to give some dignity back to the patients up here going through so many things that rob you of your dignity,” said Grace Lawhorn who works on the tea cart at TMH.

Back at the Cake Shop, just a few miles from TMH, Linda works on her latest creation. Her cupcakes have helped support her family. They’ve also supported other families…families who have never met Linda Richards but will always remember how she made them feel.

“She’s a one in a million person. She really gives all.”