Gift Tins

Need to send your child who’s away at college a birthday package? How about your grandmother who’s celebrating her 90th birthday? Or a sweet treat and a love note to your honey for a ‘just because?’ Well we’ve got you covered! The Cake Shop Bakery is NOW SHIPPING. And just like everything here at The Cake Shop, we make the process sweet. Chose from a tin of freshly baked cookies, an assortment of brownies and bars or a whole pound cake; let us know the name of the recipient and their address; and we’ll take care of the rest.

Tin of Assorted Cookies


Half Pint 6 Cookies       6.50

Small    1 doz Cookies  23.50

Large     2 doz Cookies 33.50

Tin of Assorted Bars & Brownies

Small    1 doz Bars & Brownies   30.50

Large    18  Bars & Brownies       38.50

Pound Cake Tin

10″ Bunt Cake   Serves 10-18    30.50