Talking Shop!

We have such great customers at The Cake Shop! It’s such a pleasure to chat with all of you, and know – in some small part – we are brightening your day with a little slice of heaven (rather cake!) However, while we love the adults, we also enjoy our interactions with the kids. Today, we visited a group of 2nd graders at Roberts Elementary School, where The Cake Shop serves as a Business Partner. This class is working on a unit called “Around the Town,” so they have been enjoying visits from local banks, grocery stores, etc. Of course, they were excited to hear about the bakery business, and we DID bring a smile to their faces when we walked in with cupcakes! We’d like to think the good attendance on this chilly day was due to our pending visit, but it’s more likely they were thinking …


As requested by the teacher, we provided an overview of our bakery, including our shop’s history in Tallahassee, as well as the different aspects of business. We shocked them with bakery trivia (how many eggs do YOU think we crack a week at The Cake Shop?) and we and told them about the different roles people serve in the front of the shop, and behind the scenes too. They seemed to enjoy this … but it was the resulting discussion that was really “icing on the cake!”  When we talked about the special skills/traits the owner of our shop might look for when hiring a new employee, these kids were right on the money: “good spirited, friendly, a good time manager, responsible, and honest,” they said. And, THEY even asked US how we use math skills, like fractions, in a bakery. So cool! Lastly, we asked for their input on some ideas for future cupcakes of the month, and their answers were priceless. Chocolate Chip Pancake, Wacky Watermelon, Wedding Cake, Hot Cocoa, and Blueberry Blast … just to name a few. In fact, they were SO creative, as we left, they were slipping us post-it notes with more ideas, and details on their suggested concoctions! photo(3)

But, when that bakery box opened soon after … it was clear, our discussion was over. The kids dug right in! What fun we had visiting with these bright young minds today. But you better believe, we headed out quick … before the sugar kicked in!


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