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Fall is in the Air

What a wonderful start to Fall. We were honored to host our first Fall guest chef, the world renowned cook, author and television host, Nathalie Dupree. Not only were we happy to receive her into our bakery, but to our home as well. This experience is one we will never forget.

Nathalie has truly touched so many lives. She continues to be an inspiration to me and all those in contact with her. She has a life time of cooking experience and was readily willing to impart this knowledge to me, our class guests and the other bakers here at the Cake Shop.

One piece of instruction that keeps popping up in my mind is… to give yourself permission to try! Try out a new recipe. Try it out again. “Lock the kitchen door,” Nathalie suggested, “spend $10 on flour and cream and a pan and TRY out a recipe!”

Through practice and patience and experimenting with your oven and ingredients, you will finally arrive at that perfect recipe. Practice is key. We often give up when a recipe doesn’t turn out how we want. But like anything else in life — practice makes perfect. And through LOTS of practice and kindness to the chef (you), we too can become a kitchen wiz!

Thank you Nathalie Dupree — we look forward to your next visit!